Moroccan-Canadian girl friends come together again after 16 years after daughters friend rid

Coincidence as you that not often seen, with social media as an important cause.

The people who live in the US currently girlfriends Naima Souissi and Saidia Chehbouni saw each other for the last 16 years ago. But recently, reports the American ABC News, the ladies each other in a very special way.

Their daughters got together in class at the University of California. It clicked immediately between the 18-year-old Roaya Jannatipour and the 19-year-old Nissma Baby. The classmates could, among other things, due to the fact that they both had lived in Canada and their parents were of Moroccan origin.

During a Facetime conversation between the two girl friends recognized the mother of Roaya the father of Nissma, after which they were in conversation. When the puzzle pieces fell in place slowly revealed that Nissma and Roaya as babies more or less together grew up and were born around the same time, their mothers were best friends.

The contact between the girlfriends stopped when both families moved from Canada to the US, each to a different city.