Rabat: archaeological site of Chellah restored (video)

As part of a program for the recovery of its historical heritage, the archaeological site of Chellah Rabat has restored. Both the shore if the towers were restored.

Chellah (then it was called Sala) was a Roman city in the Roman province of Mauretania Tingitana, located in a suburb of Rabat. There are ruins found from ancient times and the middle ages. It is the oldest settlement on the river delta of the Bou Regreg.

After the fall of the Roman Empire were many cities in decline, similarly Chellah. The site was abandoned in 1154. The Almohads used the now abandoned city as necropolis. Mid-14th century the Merinid sultan Abu l-Hasan enriched the city with some monumental structures, including a gate (dated to 1339). Later these there is a mosque, a zawiya, and Royal Tombs, including a tomb for Abu l-Hasan.

Lefr360 took a look at the archaeological site of Chellah and spoke with some people. The interviewees tell the Roman and Islamic architecture can be seen in the ruins and that people from all over the world visit this special place. Many visitors also come from Morocco, the ruins they come especially on Friday. Many also enjoy the tranquility inside the walls, where a beautiful garden with various walkways and small streams.

[video = youtube; AfXZY2XR3ns] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = AfXZY2XR3ns [/video]