Moroccan Consulate in New York warns Moroccans in Florida for Hurricane Irma

The Moroccan Consulate in New York has earlier today issued a statement in which they warn Moroccan nationals residing in the State of Florida for Hurricane Irma.

The Consulate drew the attention of Moroccan nationals on the given that Hurricane Irma, according to the weather forecast, the Monroe, Dade and Broward counties and the cities of Key West, Miami, and West Palm Beach.

"Given the potentially life-threatening floods that Irma can cause, our nationals are reminded to take extra caution and the guidelines of the local authorities strictly to follow," said the statement.

The statement calls the Moroccans on to stick to the instructions, which are per area differently, they are told to evacuate their homes or to stay and not to take risks by going away by their vehicles.

The calls also on the Moroccans to be alert and stay informed about the path of the storm through social media, reports Morocco World News.

The Consulate told the Moroccan nationals that they can call if they have questions.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami reported that Hurricane Irma this afternoon around ten on one (Dutch time) the archipelago Florida Keys. The eye of the storm was located when at about 25 kilometers southwest of Key West