Sister El Ghazi, "Anwar has never spoken with Moroccan bond '

Klinklare crap, thus the sister of Anwar El Ghazi about the rumors that her younger brother would have had conversations with the Moroccan Football Federation.

Last Friday came the Moroccan with the remarkable message that orange-medium international Anwar El Ghazi to the table would have been sitting with the Moroccan Federation. It would then go to the openly expressing his desire to be a possible interlandcarriere at the Lions of the Atlas still preferable to its status as A-international of Orange. In the message was that the Moroccan Federation FRMF itself after this conversation was going to seriously look into the file. Just as in the case of Spanish-international Munir Easton one should go for a switch request to FIFA for this time El Ghazi.

After this post took Telesport (sports editor Telegraph) contact the sister of the player in question, Nabila El Ghazi. Her response: "there is no conversation."

El Ghazi chopped in October finally bite the 2015 when then-Manager Danny Blind selected him for the European Championship qualifiers against Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic respectively. Beyond these 2 gigs in the main body of Orange did not come for the LOSC Lille-right outside.

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