Noteworthy: Chinese restaurant in Fès tap 15,000 monthly dollar sales to

One of the main reasons for this is the great success last year introduced visa-free travel to Morocco for the Chinese.

Great Wall Chinese restaurant, located in the tourist hotspot Fez, does the last months all good business. According to the medium would owner Wang China News monthly since its opening such a 15,000 dollar Pocket Luping. And that while Chinese eateries far prominently in Morocco. That this business for the operator so booming is has everything to do with the recently introduced visa-free travel for Chinese who want to visit Morocco.

After the change in the law in June 2016 the number of Chinese tourists increased from around 1000 a year to as many as 50,000, and that alone in the last first half. For owner Luping was this change in visumwet very welcome, the accumulated number of customers was partly caused.

He notes that the Chinese tourist, also during trips outside the country, still longs for the own traditional kitchen. Not only the Chinese enjoy for the rest of the meals, the restaurant has according to the owner, more and more Moroccan customers.