Serie A: highlights Medhi Benatia during Juventus-Chievo Verona (video)

Partly due to the contribution of the captain of the national team knew ' the old lady ' to keep the zero and the 3 points.

During his first appearance in the Serie A caused Benatia right away for a controversial defence line of the Italian top Club. In the home game against Chievo Verona if the powerful Center Defender the whole encounter knocking out, along with Asamoah, Rugani and Lichtsteiner was handsome the zero. The leading role for Benatia was in the 25th minute, he came for a goal on its own.

After 3 competition rounds and 3 victories is proud to head Juventus in the Italian League. With his club off to Barcelona tomorrow travels Benatia, there wait a heated game of UEFA Champions League football with the Catalans.

[video = youtube; gywFx2k3Fyc] v = gywFx2k3Fyc [/video]


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