Morocco national basketball team qualifies for quarterfinals at African Championship

The national basketball team did good business this weekend at the African Championship, they have qualified for the quarter-finals.

The African Basketball Championship takes place from 8 to 18 september in Senegal (Dakar) and Tunisia (Tunis). The Moroccan national football team won Friday from the Central African Republic (76-66), Saturday of Angola (60-53) and Sunday from Uganda (79-70).

The victory against Angola was a historic victory, it was for the first time in 37 years that they of the Angolan team, one of the best teams in Africa, won.

Morocco will Thursday 14 september in the quarterfinals against Egypt on have to take, and that is a spirited contest. The team of Egypt is known as one of the strongest teamd in Africa and the Middle East.

Highlights of the match Morocco-Angola:

[video = youtube; jWCGtWYz8Ak] time_continue = 4 & v = jWCGtWYz8Ak [/video]

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