UN: Myanmar ethnic cleansing against Rohinyas

The attacks by security forces in Myanmar focusing on the Muslim population of the Rohingya, resemble "a textbook example of ethnic cleansing '. This has the High Commissioner for human rights of the United Nations, Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, said Monday.

The Jordanian Prince Zeid condemned the recent actions by the Myanmar armed forces as a cruel operation that "clearly disproportionate".

The refugees of Rohingya from Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh dries now. Since the end of August, some 313,000 members of persecuted Muslim minority in their country gone to Bangladesh, reports the international organization of Migration (IOM) in Geneva Monday. In recent days there are 20,000 refugees daily have been added.

The IOM says 26 million — to have these people over the next three months of basic needs. In total, the international organizations asked for donations of 77 million dollars (64 million euros) to help the Rohingya in Bangladesh.

Most refugees have a days long walk behind it, reported the Government in Bangladesh. They were exhausted and hungry. When the refugee camps were full, built the Rohingya provisional accommodations of bamboo and plastic along the roads, on mountain slopes and in the forest.

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