Casablanca: Sindibad Park welcomes four new residents

There are four oryxen algazal, three females and a male, coming from a Spanish zoological park.

The algazel (Oryx dammah), also called Sable or Sable oryx, is an antelope. The animal is quite large, weighs up to more than 200 kg and reaches a height of 1.60 metres. The coat is light brown, with a faint stripe down the flank. The nape area to chest has a reddish-brown hue. The animal has long, smooth horns.

This species used for in deserts, dry steppes and stony jungles of the Middle East and North Africa. The species is considered by the as extinct in the wild since 2000. In a well protected area in Tunisia are the first Zoo-algazellen turned off. 25 animals in Chad were turned off in 2016.

It is therefore a rare species on the "African plain" of Sindibad Park integrates with gazelles and giraffes, reports medias 24.

Sindibad Park is more than 5 hectares and is considered as the largest park in Morocco. It is home to nearly 150 animals of about thirty different species such as lions, Tigers, giraffes, Gazelles, porcupines, gibbons. And now also the algazal oryx.

sindibad park