Spanish fishing Confederation calls for renewal of the fisheries agreement with Morocco

According to the Spanish press agency EFE has the CEPESCA (Spanish fishing Confederation) asked the European Commission (EC) to start the negotiations for the renewal of the fisheries agreement with Morocco, that expires in 2018.

"The agreement provides for 90 licenses for Spanish ships, particularly in Andalusia, the Canary Islands and Galicia," according to the news agency.

Although it is still early, the CEPESCA is of the opinion that "the negotiations take a long time and that we should start studying the claims, the issue of security and the conditions ... to take advantage of the agreement".

EFE also announces that the ICCAT (International Commission for the conservation of Atlantic Tunas) in november in Marrakech will negotiate the catch quotas for bluefin tuna and swordfish.

The fisheries agreement applies not only for Spain, but for several EU Member States, including the Netherlands.

fisheries agreement