Abdellatif Ha responds to increasing violence against police officers

Faced with the increasing number of cases of physical violence against police officers, sent Abdellatif Ha, head of the DGSN DGST, and a note to its officers in memory of their obligations but also to their rights.

It was expected that Ha would react to the increasing number of cases of physical violence and humiliation against police officers. According to information from Lefr360 has sent a note to all services Abdellatif Ha in which he assures the officials of its full support and reminds them that they enjoy in their function of the legal protection of the State.

In this note, the head of the DGSN out that any attack on the integrity of a police officer not only affects DGSN, but it will also harm the image of Morocco.

The Director of the Department heads also DGSN-DGST has summoned to the police officers to inform it of the protection of their supervisor on which they can rely, as long as they fully implement their duties according to the law, of course.