Autumn storm with gale force 10 coming soon

Netherlands may according to meteorologists on going to make for the first official autumn storm.

Meteorologists at Weerplaza in the coast region account with heavy to very heavy wind gusts, fallen branches and possibly also uprooted trees and nuisance here and there in the morning rush hour.

The storm begins early in the morning Wednesday along the west coast. In the course of the Wednesday morning extends the storm spread to the Northwest Coast and the Wadden Sea area.

Most wind expected Weerplaza between 11.00 hours and 16.00 hours on the Wadden Islands. The wind turns there than to west and takes as possible to a heavy storm, with very heavy gusts on the islands which amount to around or slightly above the 120 kilometers per hour.

The trees are still under the sheet and are therefore more sensitive to wind gusts.

Michiel Severin, meteorologist from Weerplaza: "at the beginning of the Wednesday afternoon draws a vitriolic storm depression over the North Sea from west to East, just north of the Wadden. It depends on the exact price of this low pressure area off how hard it is on the West Frisian will go blow, but that there will be quite a few hours at it, seems certain. "

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