120 million from EU for free Wi-Fi Internet access included

The European Union makes 120 million free for free Wi-Fi on at least six thousand locations in Europe.

From next year, once 20,000 euro per applicant is available. First-come, first-served basis. Hospitals, libraries or other public places then the system must be at least three years itself in the air.

The European Parliament gave Tuesday in Strasbourg by a large majority (582 against 98) green light for the project. According to the CDA is there already an interest in Netherlands. The MEPs Esther de Lange and Annie Schreijer-Pierik see it as a "settlement" and "a good tool to increase the attractiveness of village centres and shrinkage and vacancy in the countryside to counter".

The Flemish MEP anneleen Valadez (N-VA) voted against. According to her it is a waste of money, with which citizens are "bribed". In addition, cities that already have arranged something no request, her criticism.