Netherlands nationality Syriëgangers retracted four

Minister Stef Blok (security and justice) has revoked your Netherlands nationality of four Syriëgangers that are in Syria had joined a terrorist organization.

It is the first time that this may be based on the law that was adopted in March and which makes it possible to withdraw your Netherlands nationality because of national security.

It comes to the well-known Syriëgangers Anis z., Driss d., Hatim r. and Jane b. the measure is effective immediately. They are also to unwanted alien explained. As a result, they can no longer legally or to other Schengen countries travel to Netherlands. The decision of the Court will still Block keys.

All four men whose Dutch citizenship has been revoked, are previously convicted because they had joined a terrorist group as Daesh. At Dema d., who last year got six years cell, happened that even while there were doubts if he still lived at that time. Under the new law can also be withdrawn without anyone your Netherlands nationality is condemned.

The total number of fighters that lose or likely lose your Netherlands nationality is now on five. Minister Block previously made already known that he intends to go withdraw your Netherlands nationality of another Warrior. That was not yet based on the new rules. Here is to someone who is not abroad.

On the possibility to withdraw your Netherlands nationality was also earlier criticism, as it can only in people who have dual citizenship.

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