Controversial columnist road at AD

Columnist Habib Ajarai leaves at the AD. That confirms editor-in-Chief Hans Nade after a notice in NRC.

In the year they for the newspaper wrote there is "insufficient click grown between her and the reader," said the editor-in-Chief.

Ajarai got much criticized in July after a column in which she confessed that the aftermath of the disaster MH17-its nothing did, while the collapse of footballer Abdelhak Nouri its correct though.

According to Nadeau was that not the only column that caused a stir. Short time after the MH17-column Ajarai wrote a critical piece about the plan to children from Hague minima families a free smartphone. Also over those column turned out to readers.

"We are talking a year, but in that time, the love between Habib and readers not as blossomed as we had hoped. Then you have to draw conclusions, "said Nijenhuis. Who follow Ajarai is not yet known, however, that it will be someone with "a new voice, a different view on things."

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