Ouarzazate: Director elementary school suspended for sexual blackmail (video)

The Director of a public elementary school in Ouarzazate is suspended by the Ministry of education.

The alleged sexual blackmail by a woman who wanted to enroll her daughter in elementary school, was filmed and widely shared on social media. In a quick reaction to this, the Ministry of Education the Director suspended, reports Lefr360.

In the video invites the headmaster the woman from to with him a "Cup of coffee" to go drinking, in Exchange for the entry of her daughter. In response, says the wife that she "married and God fears".

After the refusal of the offer of the Director going, the woman faced with the rejection of the registration of her daughter.

There is an investigation by the relevant authorities.

[video = youtube; LN-Q-qcvR7A] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = Ln-Q-qcvR7A [/video]

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