Prison Administration responds to hunger strike by detainees Hirak

The prison administration came today with a declaration of rumors about a hunger strike by inmates of the grass-roots movement Hirak.

Commenting on the information provided by certain websites is reported on the basis of testimonies by family members and lawyers of the detainees, denied the "General delegation of the prison and reintegration Administration (DGAPR) in a statement to the Moroccan news agency in all tonalities that the Hirak-prisoners on hunger strike in the Ain Sebaâ 1 prison.

They said that they are not in writing or orally advised of a hunger strike by the prisoners and added that the detainees regularly eat their meals and food during their weekly visits from their family members .

The DGAPR said "surprised about the dissemination of such unfounded accusations by the families and lawyers of some detainees in an attempt to mislead the public opinion by pressure on the Administration for privileges to certain detainees ". DGAPR indicates to be determined the law strictly applied to all detainees, without exception, in accordance with the provisions of the code concerning the correctional institutions.

ain sebaa
hunger strike