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The reason for this are the troubles around the official of that program, Saadia a.-t.

Amsterdam sets a task force in which the internal state of affairs is going to take a closer look at the anti "radicalization" program of the municipality. Following are the troubles around the top official of that program, Saadia a.-t. For the end of the year should be clear where the vulnerabilities are and how they can be solved.

That writes Mayor Eberhard van der Laan Wednesday to the City Council. The issue is on the agenda Thursday during an urgent debate. Several Council members are worried and have asked about the deradicaliseringsbeleid of the city of Amsterdam.

Saadia A.-T. is recently fired after it was determined that she is guilty of nepotism. They granted contracts to her (ex-) friend, without saying that they had had a relationship with him. A.-t. fighting her dismissal.

In his letter to the Council pulls Varma the problems. He says it himself to charge the Department of radicalisation and Polarisation that the rules have not been complied with and that the team was not well controlled, even after there was intervention. The identified conflict of interest came too late and was a big shock, "for the college and many other people involved," said the Mayor.

There are already two investigations into the case: an internal study of the municipal office integrity and a criminal investigation.

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