FIFA Ranking: Morocco rises 4 spots on world rankings

By four points earned in this World Cup qualifying campaign, the team of national coach Hervé four places at the global level.

FIFA made its monthly Ranking known today. Between the ranking of last month and those of today, the Lions of the Atlas 2 World Cup qualifiers. The convincing home victory over Mali and the equal of scoreless game were enough for a rise of 4 places on the world rankings. The team is now to be found on place 56.

On the African continent, the Lions of the Atlas also progression. There was one spot won, after last month now so on place 10.

The next meeting is scheduled for Morocco on 7 October. Than one takes in Casablanca against Gabon (World Cup qualifying). This team knew with the win on Ivory Coast immediately 9 places to rise on the global rankings, now ranked at number 79.