Municipality of Casablanca want to end contract with Sita El Beida

The municipality is all set with waste management company Sita El Beida.

After the issuance of a third formal warning to the waste management company Sita El Beida in Casablanca, Casablanca, the municipality decided to take the step to terminate the contract of the company.

In a statement, released and signed by the Mayor of Casablanca, Abdelaziz El Omari, asks the Mayor on september 15, an extraordinary meeting of the City Council with a view to ending the contract. The company Casa Prestations will in the meantime take over the work, reports h24info.

The decision of the municipality is justified by "the disagreement over the renewal of the contract with the company Sita El Beida and the repeated disagreements between the members of the municipality and the company during the last six months," according to the statement.

SITA El Beida is a subsidiary of the French group Suez Environnement, is active in the field of water and waste management. Since 2004 is Sita El Beida in Morocco. In addition to garbage collection, they are also responsible for the processing of waste and the management of industrial waste.

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