Spain is 12 million mired in sharpening surveillance Sebta

In view of the current developments and attracted millions of refugees is going to invest in the border area with Morocco Spain

Opposite the medium Publico gives the Spanish Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, to the border control in the enclave of Sebta to go well on the screws. As many as 12 million euros will be pumped into the project, this has everything to do with the increased number of refugees when the enclave tried to get in the past year.

Since last calendar year ' only ' 613 immigrants tried to reach the Spanish territory that number this year ballooned to 8956.

The measures necessary for that amount of money will be taken include a more extensive camera system, more manbezetting, improve the access protocols for passers-by and traders. Finally, one will also start using more helicopter surveillance to movements at the border to keep an eye on.

The Spanish medium ABC Andalusia speaks in addition, not confirmed by the Ministry, the deployment of cameradrones.

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