Woman arrested at Casablanca airport for smuggling 1.5 kg of cocaine

The Spanish woman had some of the cocaine-filled capsules on a remarkable place.

A Spanish woman of Congolese origin has tried to smuggle cocaine to 128 capsules during her transit on the Mohammed V International Airport, reports the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) in a statement.

The suspect was arrested after the discovery of 65 with cocaine filled capsules hidden in her underwear, the statement added that the body scan the presence of another quantity of the drug in her stomach revealed.

The polka dot SAH was taken to University Hospital, where another 63 Ibn free Wi with cocaine-filled capsules were pumped out of her stomach. There are a total of 128 capsules weighing 1,490 grams of cocaine detected and removed at the woman.

The woman was taken into custody for further investigation that under the supervision of the competent prosecutor.