Interview with victim serious abuse after refusing suitor (video)

Fatna, the 16-year-old girl who was stabbed after refusing a suitor, told in an interview what exactly happened.

The drama took place on Tuesday 12 september in Hay Salam in Settat. The culprit is no stranger of Fatna, but is part of the family. He is the cousin of her late father.

For a long time he had a crush on Fatna and he tried to convince her to marry him. But they also think it has other ambitions and Fatna don't really like it. The more they refuse him, the more he insists.

Three days after Eid El Kebir steals the 25-year-old young man, who doesn't understand why they do not want him, her phone because he suspects that they are in contact with another guy.

On Tuesday, the day of the drama, he is underneath her home under the pretext that he wants to give back her cell phone. Fatna thereupon goes together with her mother down.

The young man asks the teen to in his car to come when her phone back. She refuses and he steps out of his car then Fatna to cross with a knife in her head and arms, saying: "you are mine, I want you belongs to me!"

At the hospital, the ordeal of Fatna is far from over, her mother told just upset that she was helped by a trainee. Fatna eventually leaves the hospital with 70 stitches.

The offender knows that he has committed a serious crime, since he has given the matter dirham Fatna 150,000 under the carpet. Fatna has refused the money. Today the Outlook is still unclear for the young woman, they do know that they want and will fight for this righteousness.

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