Emergency debate yesterday in Amsterdam after dismissal of officer Saadia a.-t.

The concerns around the Department of radicalization and Polarization, the Mayor still do not know.

The City Council argued yesterday afternoon on tackling radicalisation and the concerns around the Department of radicalization and polarization, after the resignation of the top official Saadia a.-t.. There are still a lot of question marks on this issue. Several Council members are worried and have asked about the deradicaliseringsbeleid of the city of Amsterdam.

During the urgent debate does Varma the following statements: "I'm been naive" and "I had things can occur".

CDA Councillor Diederik Bal wonders how this unreal, why did this before to light? If it's been longer had the attention of the Mayor, why is there then no execution?

Green Left presents itself reluctant on, following the first oral explanation of the Mayor on the situation. "I would like to make sure that we speak with too great certainty," said Councillor Rutger Groot Wassink on the resignation of officer Saadia A.T. "you are only guilty if you are convicted, so we need are reluctant even though we have many indications and is the image of cronyism worrying. "

Fatima Zohra Hadjar, a member of the strategic network radicalization and polarization, uses its right to participate as a resident of Amsterdam. They may like any other citizen 3 minutes recording prior to the topical and urgent debate.

According to Hadjar is the network silent by the unrest within the network and inaccurate media coverage, one trusts each other anymore and people within the network have indicated to leave, including they themselves.

"I do not know what is going on, but it is very very well played to the media to mislead both the City Council and so, one day before the debate, in my opinion, your own street to wipe clean. There had to be a sacrifice, and that is why you chose to make all those people who have worked for years to undermine the security of this city, "said Hadjar.

They also involves Robin Jack, the former manager of Saadia a.-t., which since January all of a sudden the team reinforced. Since the arrival of Jansen gave Saadia a.-t. all of a sudden 6 appraisal interviews in a few months time and shows all she has done for years suddenly no longer to work and up to the job. This while the Amsterdam approach is sold to other cities. According to her, there is so much more to it than so far has come out. "This Has really with Saadia?"

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