Wilders: ' Islam is not covered by freedom of religion '

PVV leader Geert Wilders wants in the law have established that Islam is not a religion but a ' totalitarian, dangerous and violent ideology, dressed as a religion. '

Wilders says in an interview with the associated press. How that should be legally regulated says he "did not know, but it's well worth it to study," he says.

Wilders says that "during the reign of the Cabinet Rutte II there are 100,000 Muslims have been added in Netherlands. That are not all terrorists or wrong people, but it is 100,000 times what Netherlands enters Islam. "

When asked whether he wants to ban Islam in Netherlands Wilders replies: "I do not exclude that in time may be needed. This relates to the expressions. You can not ban, an idea that is impossible. You can also not communism. ".

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