Hamas Government in Gaza resigns

The Palestinian movement Hamas dissolves its ' reigning ' Committee in the Gaza Strip.

The Islamist movement says in a statement that they would continue general election and be open to dialogue with the rival Fatah movement led by president Mahmoud Abbas. Hamas invites the Government of reconciliation with representatives of Fatah to come to the Gaza Strip and the tasks of Hamas ' shadow government. Hamas has since 2007 the lead in the densely populated area.

The March created reigning Committee of Hamas in the Gaza Strip is seen as a rival Government to the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank, which is led by Fatah.

The Fatah movement of Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is cautiously positive about the offer to a dialogue that rival Hamas has done. Mahmoud al-Aloul, a member of the Central Committee of Fatah, called it good news that the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip would dissolve and its States Committee wants to hold general elections.

Al-Aloul held a battle of the arm. "We don't want to react hastily. There are still so many things that need to be resolved. "

The two Palestinian movements have already been attempts to come closer together. Those conversations gave up nothing. Under pressure from Egypt, which has great influence on Hamas, the two Palestinian groups last week in the Egyptian capital Cairo again over possibilities for reconciliation.