Inezgane: amputee arm victim violent incident restored (video)

Hats off to the medical staff of the Mokhtar Soussi hospital in Inezgane!

In the southern Inezgane, a village not far from Agadir, not so long ago, a young man was badly bruised by a drunken passerby. The perpetrator, where not yet clear is whether or not he is arrested, pulled for unknown reason a sword after a brief altercation with the victim. What followed was a wave of violence, in several places, he was hit.

The injury where eventually most major surgery had to be done was for the re-establishment of its partly amputated arm. After an operation of as many as 10 hours could both the victim as his relatives and the medical staff of the Mokhtar Soussi hospital in Inezgane breathe a sigh of relief. This extremely risky operation was successfully completed, for the time being there is no complications. The victim in question can almost fully use his arm and hand.

[video = youtube; Uv47GaV8L5k] time_continue = 208 & v = Uv47GaV8L5k [/video]

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