Targuist: gang kidnaps husband 100,000 dirham and demands ransom

By the energy of a special police unit could be quickly released the victim and the perpetrators arrested.

The case came to light, as can be read in a press statement by police-organization DGSN, when the wife of the victim to the warning. The authorities were alarmed by her in Targuist after they several times by the then unknown perpetrators received the call. During that telephone calls would be a considerable amount of 100,000 dirham are demanded for the release of her husband.

The place where the gang is left off and where the victim was being held was the inhospitable Issaguen. This was a collaboration between different police units required in order to achieve the release of the man. We knew soon after brief research to locate the 2 perpetrators, these were in the Centre of the same Issaguen in the collar. Not long after that we knew to figure out where the victim was being held.

Both on the place-offence if at the victim were clearly visible traces of violence, the detained man would have damaged (mainly on his hands and back). The communiqué is decided with the announcement that one is still working on the investigation, the two will soon have to go to court.

al hoceima
hostage taking