' Key figures ' stop cooperation with municipality of Amsterdam after discharge Saadia a.-T

The recent dismissal of top official Saadia a.-T seems even a pony-tail.

By the resignation of the top official Saadia a.-t., several key figures fear for their safety and they say the cooperation with the municipality on, reports

The municipality confirms the departure of five key figures that an angry mail to Mayor Eberhard van der Laan sent. Also ' some ' other key members say their departure to consider by the affair, according to the municipality.

After the murder of Theo van Gogh in 2004, the city has created a network, trained on recognizing signs of radicalization in the community. About 150 people love the Town Hall so voluntarily on the height of the tensions.

Saadia A.-T. was the program manager of the Department of radicalization and polarization, where the sleutelfiguren network. Several members are wondering whether the municipality still them enough protection can now offer their contact person is gone.

"We are seriously concerned about the security in the city," they write. "We believe that, if the municipality is not able the officer carrying out the approach has set up to protect the file on radicalisation, we cannot be sure of our protection."

Saadia A.-T.  got early september criminal dismissal. She has according to Van der Laan guilty of awarding various assignments to a person with whom they had a relationship. That she had not said anything against her supervisor. They also would have interfered with a quote. Saadia A.-T. fighting her resignation, confirmed her lawyer Richard Kale.

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