Morocco's cities: Al Hoceima

In the series with Morocco's cities today we focus the spotlight on Al Hoceima.

Al Hoceima is located in the North of the RIF mountains, it is a port city and is known for its beautiful beaches and beautiful bays. The town has many Spanish influences about the dominance of the Spanish. This is well reflected in the architecture and in particular the Spanish often spoken as a second language. The city has about 400,000 inhabitants and has after N the main port of the Rif region was devoted.

Al Hoceima in 1925 was conquered by the Spanish General José Sanjurjo y Sacanell. He was there with his troops come ashore and named the city after himself at that time Villa Sanjurjo. After 1926 the city grew not much. It was a small fishing village that only consisted of a few streets above the famous Playa Quemado, over time the Spaniards there built hospitals, schools and houses, Villa Sanjurjo grew into a small town. During the second Spanish Republic (1931-1939), the name was changed to "Villa Alhucemas", and later "Alhucemas", the Arabic name for lavender. After Moroccan independence in 1956 became a French spelling used: Al Hoceima.

The largest income source of Al Hoceima is fishing. Trade in edelkoralen is also an important source of income, tourism also begins to grow more and more. Al Hoceima has had to deal with several major earthquakes as in 1994 and 2004. 2004 was the most violent earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter scale, were almost a thousand people dead.

The Playa Quemado is the most famous beach in this region: it is also the beach where General Sanjurjo and his troops came ashore in 1925. Not only delicious to a soothing swim in, but from a distance, it is also a wonderful panorama and this beach draws many a visitor. Next to a beautiful sight and fine swimming entertainment, is below the surface of the Sea also still another treasure, namely the coral with which the most beautiful jewelry. There are also diving and snorkeling opportunities.

In the fishing port Qimado are lots of fishing boats, which especially at night sail out of using a light boxes to catch fish. Here one can buy delicious fresh fish daily. It belongs to the possibilities here to hire a boat along the rugged rocky coast a beautiful boat trip, to the numerous small islets and coves inaccessible from land. You can also swim in the sea and snorkeling in the clear waters. In this area is also the Red coral or red coral found living in beautiful jewelry are processed.

If you're more of rest keep this clean beaches are well worth a visit. There are plenty of good places to eat and you can rent a jet ski that will make your adrenaline goes up. The ideal place to relax and with your family relax and enjoy the sea and the beach. The two beaches are pretty quiet and are mainly visited by families.

In the Centre of Al Hoceima is a very large terrace with restaurants and cafes where you can have a meal with views of the sea.

The beautiful and unspoiled National Park of Al hoceima is one of the hidden gems of Morocco in the Rif region was devoted. The park covers an area of 470 square kilometers, including 190 km2 on sea. The area contains beautiful nature and is crossed by dirt roads, making it ideal to use as a walking route or for a trip on mountain bike. There are many endangered flora and fauna preserved in the park. Furthermore there are beautiful limestone cliffs, thuya forests and an important colony fish-Eagles in the nature reserve. A must for nature lovers and everyone who wants to come in from the hustle and bustle of the city!

Do you like adventures then climbing the mountain Tidiquin a bold challenge. The mountain can be climbed during the summer and winter months during a day trip, if you are on the top state you have reached the highest point of this region.

Delicious fresh fish in the many restaurants in the city, because even in the culinary field has the sea her mark on Al Hoceima. Delicious freshly caught fish you own singles is easy in after much Beach-sea and entertainment!

In the newer part of the city you will find the Place Massira Al Khadra, with spectacular views of the Penom the Alhucemas. This is a small island in Spanish possession on a few meters away from the coast.

A fishing boat hire in Al Hoceima is becoming increasingly popular because of the beautiful coral jewelry out there. Also there are many fished, you see day and night the fishing boats come in and go out. You can join such a fishing boat rental and a trip along the rough coast. For example, you can visit the Bokkoya's, a number of coves that from land not to reach. If you are in the Mediterranean Sea, you can see the Red coral reef.

Al Hoceima is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and wet, mild winters. Al Hoceima is temperate subtropical climate, with cool ocean winds that come from the Mediterranean Sea. Depending on the landscape as the higher the separatist mountain areas, may, in particular, the winters are pretty cold and there may be some snowfall.

The average winter temperature in Al Hoceima is around 16 ° c, in the summer with temperatures reaching 33 degrees. Al Hoceima is sunny almost all year round and in summer there is a nice warm. The water temperature is always pleasant throughout the year. The summer days are soft at night, with every now and then a small temper. The humidity is despite the coast is always pleasant, making easy to endure high temperatures.

This ensures that a visit to Al Hoceima throughout the year is nice, it's not too hot in the summer and soft in the other months.

Al Hoceima has its own airport, the Cherif Al Idriss airport. From the new port of Al Hoceima looking after ferry companies such as Trans Med, crossings between Al Hoceima and the Spanish port city of Almeria. Further, there are taxis.

Morocco has so much beauty and features beautiful spots, more on this next week in the next city!

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