Rabat: police find 7.7 million dirham in car after routine check

At a route control had a police officer soon notice that the driver of the car was wanted.

The Director of a company that imported luxury cars from Germany was last week by a police officer held for a routine check. After the papers were checked, realized the police officer that the man was BCIJ by the security and intelligence service wanted.

The agent called immediately assistance of his colleagues, who were on the scene quickly and the man arrested. After an inspection of the vehicle found the police officers an astronomical amount of money totalling 7.7 million dirham hidden in the passenger compartment and in the spare wheel, the newspaper Assabah reported.

According to the first elements of the investigation would be the man are part of a network that drug money laundering through imports of luxury cars from Germany. Some elements of the network were already arrested in 2006 and there were big names of senior security officials and businessmen in Rabat.

September 16, the man was brought to the Court of first instance in Rabat. His family members had big names from the various law firms hired to defend him. What the outcome is not the newspaper reports, so it is not clear whether the man for the time being at large or that he still stuck.

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