NCTV know of reports of suspicious bomb attack in London

Family members of the accused, including his brother, living in the province of North Brabant.

The National Coordinator for combating terrorism and security (NCTV) is aware of reports that one of the two terror suspects of the bomb attack last Friday in the London underground was recently in Brabant. That said a spokesman for the Ministry of security and justice Monday evening.

Multiple media reports Monday night about the tweets of Jenan Moussa, Middle East journalist, that she has spoken the boy's family, including his brother. These people live in the province of North Brabant. According to her brother said to her: "I am shocked by his arrest. He is ambitious, like the United Kingdom and is studying for a journalist. " She quotes him further: "I can't believe he has something to do with terrorism."

The spokesman of the Ministry says no further announcements at this time content to be able to do so. "The investigation into the attack is still busy in the United Kingdom."

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