80,000 visitors at Open Days by Moroccan police (video)

The Moroccan police held for the first time in history Open days and that attracted a lot of visitors.

The number of visitors to the Open days amounts to about 80,000, reports the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN).

DGSN organized the first edition of their Open days from 14 to 16 september in Casablanca. It was organized at the international fair of Casablanca with the theme: "national security: commitment and loyalty".

There were 17 thematic booths set up to raise awareness and to inform about the various functions and departments of the DGSN.

There was established an educational and entertainment space for children, as well as a museum with different periods in the history of DGSN and a space for the exhibition of various modern security equipment.

Almost 105 demonstrations were in various specialties, including techniques of self defense and martial arts, synchronization of motor officers and techniques for the protection of well-known personalities.

This event was also characterized by the facilitation of four conferences on various security topics, namely: human rights, cyber-crime, protection of women who are victims of violence and the security of stadiums and sporting events.

[video = youtube; BnfvIaUsHtg] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 65 & v = BnfvIaUsHtg [/video]

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