Morocco in top 10 of most climate-conscious countries

The ' Climate Change Performance Index 2017 ' put Morocco in the top ten of the most climate-conscious countries.

The , which is published annually by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe ', evaluates and compares 58 countries based on criteria including CO2 emissions, sustainable energy development, efficiency and climate policy.

Morocco is the only MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and African country that in the top ten climate-conscious countries. Morocco stands there along with France, Sweden, the United Kingdom, among others, and Cyprus.

Over the past few decades Morocco has given priority to the environment and sustainable development and has made considerable progress for the benefit of the environment.

After the inauguration in 2016 of the solar-energy complex UNITED 1, the largest in the world, Morocco has committed itself to 42 percent of the energy needs of the country to acquire from renewable sources in 2020 and 52 percent in 2030.

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