Essaouira: Jews celebrate and honor King Mohammed VI Hiloula (video)

Hundreds of Moroccan Jews have settled in Essaouira gathered to celebrate Hiloula in memory of Rabin Haim Pinto.

Hiloula is the famous pilgrimage of Moroccan Jews from the world who gathered at the grave of Rabbi Haim Pinto in Essaouira.

In a video from Sunday evening to see how the Moroccan Jews is dancing to the song ' Sawt Al Hassan '. The particular song marks the memorable and historic moment of the Green March. Moreover, they do this every year. In addition to Sawt Al Hassan also other Moroccan Jews sang songs while they showed their loyalty to the King of Morocco by a portrait of him to wear in the festivities.

This annual religious meeting for Moroccan Jews from around the world is also a moment of reunion with Morocco.

Anti-Semitism in Netherlands is by press and politics often associated with the Moroccan-Dutch community. ' Is in the culture ', wrote many opinion makers. They do well to Morocco and to the history of Jews as well. In contrast to Morocco Netherlands no Jewish nationals to the Nazis when Hitler. For thousands of years Jews make part of Morocco and that had to remain so.

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