Tangier: gang members specialized safes theft sentenced to 6 years cell

It condemned two activity held in Tangiers, especially the larger investment companies in the city they chose as their victim.

The authorities in Tangiers since 2015 have their hands full this two, reports the Moroccan medium Al Akhbar. In particular, investment companies had to believe for a long time in the activities of this specialized gang. The first battle that they beat, at a company in the industrial zone of the city, was an immediate good: more than 130,000 dirham was stolen from that safe.

A year later, the duo again, when it was once again at an industrial company a hefty sum of money captured. There would be as many as 270,000 dirham to cash. Known is also their work area is not only limited to Tanger, clear indications there were for activities in Mèknes and Salé. The same medium decides its message with the disclosure of the punishment against the 2 perpetrators, both go away for 6 years in prison in the judicial institutions of Morocco.