New York: tribute for King Mohammed VI for commitment to tolerance and cultural harmony (video)

The Global Hope Coalition awarded King Mohammed VI with a price that was handed over to his brother.

The Global Hope Coalition (GHC) aims to all individuals who are committed to common values and rootedness in the spotlight. So yesterday was considered the important work when King Mohammed VI has done in the past period. In New York, during one of the official meetings of the GHC, was expressed by a price that this tribute to the brother of the monarch was handed over, Moulay Rachid. This price came from Irina Bokova, Director General of UN Organization UNESCO.

The preses was very pleased with the cultural heritage of Morocco partly through the efforts of King Mohammed VI to this day. What hair remained the most during her visits to, among other things, Fès was the reopening of the renovated madrasas which in some cases are centuries-old.

At this special meeting were among other things the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassador of Morocco in the US.

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