Spain sends Moroccan Daesh sympathizer for good back to Morocco

To join the terrorist organization Daesh ended in Morocco a one-way ticket.

The now 27-year-old Ali Afarkhane may soon be packing your bags, so, the highest Spanish legal setting recently. Reason for this momentous decision was his desire to join terrorist organisation Daesh, something almost did him a number of years ago. Afarkhane was, however, at the border with Syria by the Turkish authorities noticed and arrested, after being extradited to Spain waited him out there a prison sentence.

After previously being convicted to 7 years detention was this punishment later reduced to just over 3 years. It is also associated with a trial period of 3 years after the condemned this criminal has served his sentence, he will be immediately extradited to his native country Morocco. A measure that shows how closely the Spanish and Moroccan authorities cooperate with each other and how heavy it is lifted to such offences.