Casablanca: FC Barcelona football school will soon get star player on visit

The still unknown player would have played more than 4 season for the club, for contractual reasons, his name is still here.

The football school of FC Barcelona to Casablanca will soon get high visit, it was clear from a press release from FCB Escola. The unknown guest goes from 22 to 24 september share experiences with the pupils of the Football Academy, there will be more training and handtekeningssessies held on the occasion of his coming.

Who the player is and whether he is still active in FC Barcelona was not disclosed. What is clear is that more than 4 seasons he has played for the Catalans and during that time has won the UEFA Champions League, 2 times Spanish champion and was secured by both the Spanish and the European Supercup.

In addition to activities within the football school will also be served by different areas face the player. There will be various social activities for youth are organized.