More than 350 million for intelligence services

The intelligence services AIVD and MIVD get substantially more money in 2018.

This is apparent from the budgets of the ministries of Home Affairs and defence. The services have in recent years in connection with attacks and increasing threats already received extra money. Together they get next year more than 352 million euros while this is a 317 million was small.

The General Intelligence and security service (AIVD) gets about 21 million euros. The organization goes from 228.4 million euros to 249.2 million. More money would come was well-known, but 7.5 million euros extra for cyber security was not yet known.

The budget of the military intelligence and security service (MIVD) amounts to more than 103 million euros next year. That's almost 15 million more than this year and more than 31 million more than in 2016. That does not include secret expenditure.

Both services work closely together. So do they work in the counter-proliferation Unit joint unit to combat the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and they investigate covert programs for that kind of weapons in risk countries such as Iran.

The MIVD at the Hague focuses mainly on peace-keeping operations and international terrorism. The AIVD in Zoetermeer concentrates on domestic threats. Over a number of years they get joint housing on the Frederikkazerne in the Hague. That is planned for 2022.

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