Moroccan intelligence is going to spread to other countries

Abdelhak Khiame, Director of BCIJ, announced a new strategy to radicalize people of Moroccan descent to monitors in Europe.

Morocco is currently working on a new strategy for the monitoring of Moroccans who radicalize in Europe, said Abdelhak Khiame, Director of the security and intelligence service BCIJ, in an interview with the US News Agency AP.

The news agency, that the strategic role that Morocco appoints in General and, in particular, BCIJ plays in the fight against terrorism, also reports that the new approach was adopted by the fact that people of Moroccan origin were involved in the attacks in Catalonia and were radicalized in Europe.

"Really, I was afraid of what we saw happen in Barcelona. The were all young people of Moroccan origin, their parents were Moroccan, but they had no connection with Morocco itself, other than their origin and their family, "said Khiame Tuesday at the headquarters of BCIJ in sale, near the capital Rabat.

"The Government of Morocco should now adopt a different method to monitor the return of those people, they have to keep an eye on and information about collecting them," he added.

Although he gave few details about this new approach, Abdelhak Khiame stressed the need for international cooperation of the intelligence services and that in that respect BCIJ is working on setting up offices in partner countries.

In addition to the Moroccans who come back from the Daesh-areas, the security and intelligence agencies interested in people living in Europe have grown up, there would be radicalized and that the opportunity to return to Morocco to to carry out attacks.