El Jadida: married woman caught on affair by whatsapp

A married woman and her lover will be brought to the Court in El Jadida.

The Prosecutor of the Court in El Jadida has decided to sue a married woman and her lover because of adultery, Assabah today reports. The relationship was discovered by accident through whatsapp.

The two lovers fell accidentally in the hands of the law, added the newspaper, which said that it all began on the day the wife her husband asked for her phone to have it repaired.

Out of curiosity decided to be able to view the contents of the smartphone. There he discovered to his surprise a series of exchanges on WhatsApp between his wife and an unknown. The man decided to complain to the authorities, especially as the 120 calls on the phone from his wife had a very intimate exchange of content, including several bold pictures.

The woman initially denied the affair and claimed she had spoken only with an unknown. They finally gave in that they had a sexual relationship only once with her lover. The lover he three times, however, admitted that with his mistress intimate moments.

The young woman, married in 2014 and mother of a child, is being prosecuted for adultery. Her lover will be prosecuted for participation in adultery, as ordered by the Prosecutor of the Court in El Jadida.

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