After Casablanca and Rabat has Uber the ambition to further expand in Morocco

After the city of Casablanca is Uber recently extended to Rabat.

The extension to Rabat was at the request of users and drivers, said Meryem Belqziz, General Director of Uber in Morocco.

"We have decided to put on trial to expand to Rabat, and we notice that there is a demand. For the time being, we will continue to offer our services in this city ", they medias24.

Uber launched on August 31, a marketing operation in the two cities, Casablanca and Rabat. "We have had more than 12,000 requests, and since then we have continued our activities in Rabat," said Belqziz.

"We ask for a dialogue with the Moroccan authorities to legalization in this sector, then we are ready to expand to other cities: Marrakech, Agadir, Fes, Kenitra and Tangiers. The question is very high ".

"To date, 22,000 drivers registered on our platform, of which 500 a day. Our goal is to reach in 2020 12,000 active drivers ", adds Belqziz.

As for the customers, "we have 240,000 registered customers, so we have more drivers needed to meet the demand."

In connection with the multiple attacks on taxi drivers (belonging to the company), Belqziz says that "Uber are drivers supports".

"We help them if they are lawyers, doctors or whatever," she concludes.