Marrakech: launch date and prices electric buses finally announced (video)

After a not entirely flawless test period are then finally the electric buses in circulation.

On 28 september, the long-awaited electric buses will be put into circulation in Marrakech. After the extensive test phase is this start date finally adopted. According to the Deputy Mayor of Marrakech, Ahmed El Moutassadik, this decision was taken after a meeting between the Mayor of the city, Mohamed Larbi Belcaïd and the wali of the Marrakech-Safi region, Ben Lebjioui, in the presence of representatives of the institutions and services concerned.

The test phase has not quite flawlessly. One of bus drivers caused two accidents in two months time (with the same bus) during test drives. In addition to these two accidents seems the project of electric buses to be suffering from any errors on both material and financial matters. The buses that are expected by the Chinese company would be delivered, initially 24 meters, however, that the company could not deliver, but promised to deliver more than 18 metres. Eventually there were buses that were only 12 metres. In addition, there is interference found in the cables that came with the delivery of the buses were included, making the necessary repairs were carried out.

Of the 25 planned electric buses will be taken in use, initially 12 El from Moutassadik on the site. He specifies that the vehicles 12 metres long and have a capacity of 71 seats. The buses are accessibility for people with disabilities.

What the rates are concerned, the daily price shall be fixed as follows:

For Moroccans: 100 dirham for 24 hours and 48 hours for 150 dirham.
For foreign tourists: 150 and 200 dirham dirham/24 h/48 h.
For people with disabilities: 30 dirham/24 h/48 h and 50 dirham.

There will also be loose rides are sold. This was previously set at 4 dirham per ride, but this is now not repeats. If this price is still valid so we cannot confirm.