Amsterdam greeting his sick Mayor (video)

At Amsterdam's official residence on the Herengracht Wednesday hundreds of people have their Mayor a standing ovation.

Eberhard van der Laan announced on Monday his work to put down: he is him rest without long waiting and not much time left.

With the greeting, a minutes long lasting applause, wanted the people of Amsterdam mayor much strength their wishes and thank him for his work. Massively: they sang on the Amsterdam canals. Also some people per boat.

Alison, the wife of Van der Laan, popped out to everyone on behalf of her husband to thank. The promoters then asked everyone to go home and the privacy of the family Van der Laan.

On Twitter allows Pieter van Vollenhoven for order a national salute. "Let's agree on a #tijd and a #dag than we can at the same time in very #klappen Netherlands."

[video = youtube; FBf4mgjmhqc] v = FBf4mgjmhqc [/video]

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