Abdelhak Khiame: ' we love Al Adl Wal Ihssane close eye '

Khiame pulls no punches in an interview with the Italian daily La Stampa.

In an interview with the Italian daily said the head of the security and intelligence service BCIJ that many terrorism-related "jihadists" have been in contact at any time with all Adl Wal Ihssane.

"There are Adl Wal Ihsan ambitious groups, such as Al, whose activities we follow closely," said Abdelhak Khiame in the interview.

"The expansion of their activities in Europe, particularly in France, Belgium and Italy, is worrying," added to Khiame

The powerful Islamist political organisation Al-Adl wal-Ihnsane is officially banned in Morocco, and hence excluded from the Moroccan politics, but is tolerated by the authorities.

al adl wal ihssane