Angry mobs assails aid workers in Myanmar

Hundreds of protesters in Myanmar have tried to prevent relief supplies could be delivered.

The angry Buddhists thought according to the authorities that the aid was intended only for the Rohingya.

Employees of the Red Cross were working about 50 tonnes of relief goods Wednesday on board a boat to load in the city of Sittwe when they were approached by the crowd. The bystanders wanted to know what the aid workers were doing. When the situation escalated, some two hundred agents had to intervene.

The demonstrators threw according to multiple sources with incendiary bombs and were in some cases armed with sticks. Agents in turn shots in the air to disperse the crowd. They arrested eight people. The Red Cross announced that none of its employees was wounded.

With aid workers in neighbouring Bangladesh Thursday ran the less well off. Certainly there were nine people killed when a truck with relief supplies for Rohingya fled ended up in a ditch, the Red Crescent made known. The victims were contractors who had to distribute the stuff.

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