Every day this summer 500,000 vehicles on highways in Morocco

The summer period from 2017 saw a record presence of vehicles on the national highways network.

"the highways have 500,000 vehicles per day in the summer months," said car du Maroc (ADM) in a statement.

To the peak times to monitor well and to respond immediately to customer requests ADM had a special application, ADM Traffic, set up.

ADM also launched a promotion of the Jawaz service (electronic toll system) by 50% discount in order to give a smooth transit at toll stations. This can be upgraded with money and the payment amount is automatically deducted from the balance at the toll stations.

According to ADM is in two months time the number of customers by this initiative Jawaz doubled and there are now 170,000 customers using the system, reports the news medium h24.

In addition, the quality of the services of ADM-teams "made possible by the acquisition of know-how in this area and the development of a real customer-oriented culture, as well as the mobilization of partners that the operational performance actually improving ", concludes the statement.