Belgian agent linked to terrorism

A Brussels policeman would have tipped the terrorist suspects via WhatsApp messages service about an investigation against them.

Momo E.S. had information as when and where raids would take place. He turns out Monday on his work in Brussels to be arrested.

The policeman is stuck for violation of professional secrecy and corruption. The Federal parquet opens "preliminary" still no formal investigation against E.S., but lets find out that his name appears in a terrorism case. According to Belgian media he would have been in contact with a family member of one of the alleged planners of the attacks in Brussels last year. This contact is also a cousin of two of the suicide bombers. The contact for the attacks would be dating.

The Brussels Court of first instance and the Committee P, that the police monitors, have done research into the matter for weeks. How long the agent, a Belgian of North African origin, had been in contact with the suspects, is unclear. Nor is it known how many messages were exchanged.

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