Souk El Arbaa: arrest in 14 year old murder case

The son of a former local government official has been arrested in Souk El Arbaa for his involvement in a 14 year old murder case.

Any other relevant person in this case has been arrested and has gotten up to 30 years imprisonment imposed, while the son of the municipality was subject to a regional and national official arrest warrant. According to the news medium Al Akhbar would be the last behind the murder of a 20-year-old boy who in Souk El Arbaa, province of Kénitra, lives.

In addition, a total of 70 people were held by the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) in the region for their involvement in various crimes ranging from drug trafficking to murder. The security forces have an important mechanism used to their fight against the spread of crime in the region, reports H24.

souk el arbaa
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